Logbook for Pilots

logitPPL is a pilot logbook for Android for logging pilot flying time. The EASA version is for European pilots and is Jar 1.080 compliant. These aviation apps will log, chart, backup, filter and summarise your flight time data. The apps will also get metar & taf information and give date warnings. The EASA version provides extra functionality. See screen shot pages.

Monday, 22 August 2011

logitPPL - version 1.1 released today

I made changes for "multiple screen layouts" recommended by Android for 3.2. The screens have also had cosmetic changes. For the better I hope.

Change summary:

  • Changed layout for log, filter & key dates screen. The columns are no longer stretched.
  • Log screen: horizontal scroll added.
  • Added a banner graphic image to log, filter & key dates screen.
  • Screen table layout background changed to white.
  • Changed preferences to show year as 2011 instead of 1996.
  • Validation edits added to date and time fields.
  • Added a banner graphic image to screens.


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