Logbook for Pilots

logitPPL is a pilot logbook for Android for logging pilot flying time. The EASA version is for European pilots and is Jar 1.080 compliant. These aviation apps will log, chart, backup, filter and summarise your flight time data. The apps will also get metar & taf information and give date warnings. The EASA version provides extra functionality. See screen shot pages.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Android 4 rollout

My xoom updated to Android 4 this week and my logitPPL lite version works well. Hopefully the other tablets and handhelds will get the new version soon. This is good from a developer point of view because I have one less version of the app to maintain. On the down side, I do not have a tablet with honeycomb to test. 

I’m working on flight tracking functionality, initial testing looks ok. It allows you to track a flight, save a file to a pc and show your flight track on Google Earth.

I’ve had some feed back regarding my translation into other languages. The translation is not as good as it should be, let me know how the French and German translation is and I will correct.  


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